Corporate renewable engagement – a ripple or a tsunami? by Tom Lindberg at RECs Market Meeting – RMM2017

In our dialogue and discussions with forward-thinking businesses over the last 5 years, we have identified 12 topics that seem to be top of mind among corporates on their road to fulfilling their renewable pledges: 



The underlying need, shared by these corporates, is that their chosen alternatives are backed by credible endorsements from independent stakeholders and reporting standards like CDP and GHG Protocol.

A key ingredient enabling such endorsement is the use of standardised tracking and documentation instruments for renewable power, providing transparent proof of renewable procurement. In Europe, such tracking is available with Guarantees of Origin (GOs), while RECs & Green-e – is in place in North America, and increasingly the International REC Standard (I-RECs) is being deployed in numerous countries in Asia, Latin-America and Africa.

Using GOs and RECs, I-RECs are accepted by key stakeholder organisations, as THE way to document renewable claims. This is a great development for forward-thinking businesses, and allows a simple, trustworthy and standardized way to document any, and all, of their renewable purchasing claims. Across operations. On all continents.