How we work

Global climate challenges call for increased focus on net zero targets and greater engagement by companies.

Renewable energy is a key element in any corporate sustainability strategy. By using and generating electricity from renewable energy sources, companies can improve their sustainability ratings significantly.

ECOHZ offers renewable energy solutions to electricity providers, businesses and organisations globally, providing renewable electricity from a wide range of sources and geographic regions.


We take care of the entire process, helping you choose, implement and document renewable energy consumption and creation globally.

We work with producers, resellers and directly with companies to ensure that every step of the process works.


We help you clarify your needs, define your ambitions and find renewable energy solutions that suit your sustainability strategy. We share our knowledge openly.

  • Share our knowledge
  • Clarify needs
  • Measure / priorities
  • Define ambition level
  • Link to sustainability strategy
  • Solutions for renewable energy


We design cost-efficient renewable energy solutions that meet your needs and document the transactions through the entire value chain.

  • Innovation and efficiency
  • Document the offer
  • Secure contract
  • Hand over


We provide you with confirmation and detailed information about your renewable energy solution.

  • Cancellation statements for audit trail
  • Detailed, adapted invoicing
  • Follow-up information
  • Market updates
  • Annual portfolio planning

We can provide ongoing communications support as part of a value-added package

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