Market statistics

European market for renewable energy continues to grow, with wind power surging ahead

Published 28 August, 2018
“Both available supply and market demand continue to grow, as we experience an increasingly healthy and robust market,” says Lindberg. Comparing year-to-date (YTD) supply and demand of Guarantees of Origin (GOs) for 2018 and 2017 show that supply is up by 45 TWh, while demand is up by 34 TWh.

European Residual Mixes 2017 to calculate CO2 footprint if not using documented renewable electricity

Published 11 July, 2018
Guarantees of Origin (GOs) are used to track renewable electricity in Europe. Consumers not choosing renewable electricity with GOs will be using a mix (Residual Mix) of renewables, fossil and nuclear.

Renewable demand in Europe continues its upward trajectory

Published 21 March, 2018
The total market demand for renewable electricity documented with Guarantees of Origin increased from 367 TWh in 2016 to 471 TWh in 2017, an impressive 28.3% increase.