Mathias Bertram

Key Account Manager, Partner Sales Europe

“The future is going to be electric. There is no doubt about that. Global electrification is already happening across various industries and sectors. In this transition we must ensure that emitting sources are reduced rapidly and the willingness to engage and invest in green energy increasingly gains traction globally. Time is of the essence and NOW is the time to act.”

Mathias works with marketing and sales to electricity suppliers in Europe, providing renewable energy solutions.

Mathias graduated with a M.B.A. from Edinburgh Business School. He holds a B.A. in Sinology and has studied and worked in China for two years. Prior to joining ECOHZ he worked in a Norwegian savings bank with specialty in renewable energy financing. He served as a Finance Manager to a Norwegian NGO experienced in building Hydroelectric schemes in rural areas of the Himalayas. Mathias has concluded several courses covering topics such as Energy, Environment and Climate Adaption Finance.

Mathias grew up in Germany, Norway and U.S.A.