Cyril Bricaud

Chief Sales Officer 
Tel.: +47 90 36 25 20

"Climate change has far-reaching effects on our planet, from increasing the frequency and intensity of many extreme weather events, including flooding and drought, to changing sea temperature, ocean acidity, and sea level. To mitigate climate change, we must reduce or prevent atmospheric carbon concentrations and local emissions.

 As a game-changer, ECOHZ offers effective global renewable energy solutions to businesses, organisations, and electricity providers – driving the renewable energy industry forward and contributing to shrinking carbon footprints. We dedicate our deep knowledge and can-do attitude to helping our customers change their energy behaviour."

Cyril is leading ECOHZ’ global sales of renewable energy solutions to a client base of sustainability-oriented international businesses, as well as a select array of leading electricity suppliers.

Cyril has 25 years of international management experience from the Armed Forces, transport and logistics, sports, real estate, hospitality, travel, airline, and maritime industry. He has expertise in developing and implementing strategy, in-depth knowledge within business development, sales, distribution, marketing, product development, and digital development. He is particularly driven by the sustainable opportunities technology, products, and organisation solutions provide to create growth and profitable results.

Cyril is graduated in Commercial Management, Marketing and Economy at ESARC Toulouse in France. He has worked internationally in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.