Clément Buffard

Portfolio Manager International Sourcing
LinkedIn: clementbuffard
Twitter: @Clement_Bfrd

“From my point of view, changing energy behaviour means reducing our CO2 emissions in order to move towards a more sustainable future. To achieve this goal of a more sustainable future, people and corporations need to change their energy behaviour by reducing their energy consumption and making sure the energy they consume comes from renewable sources. I believe that everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world in their own way.”

Clément’s main responsibility is to support sales and marketing activities to the global corporate customer market.

Clément holds Swiss and French nationalities and graduated from the Geneva School of Business Administration with a major in New Technologies & Marketing. During his second year of studies, he took part in the Erasmus exchange programme and studied International Business during one semester in Finland. Before starting university, he worked for a year as a Matura intern in an insurance company. Clément volunteers, and is vice-president and co-founder of a youth association.