Water Benefit Certificates

Our world is facing a mounting global water crisis. Increased industrial consumption and contamination is depleting our most valuable resource. Lack of access to safe and clean water is increasing inequality. Without water there is no human life. Businesses can meet their water stewardship commitments by buying Water Benefit Certificates.

How it works

Water Benefit Certificates are calculated based on the cubic metres of water supplied, purified or conserved. One Water Benefit Certificate is issued per cubic metre of water impacted, up to 40,000 cubic metres. For larger scale projects which are supplying, purifying or conserving water at greater volumes than 40,000 cubic metres, a discount factor is used depending on the scale of the project.

Water Benefit Certificates finance water projects, which conserve, supply or purify water in areas that most desperately need it. Projects that deliver Water Benefit Certificates include water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), water efficient agriculture, and household and industrial waste treatment. Projects follow the Water Benefit Standard developed by the Gold Standard.

To be initially certified, projects need an independent auditor to confirm that the projects comply with the Water Benefit Standard. Projects that issue Water Benefit Certificates must demonstrate that they would not have been implemented without the revenue from the certificates, through a Financial Needs Assessment.

The financing helps increase the projects’ scale and scope. The projects deliver verified results and impact in water stressed areas, and are audited annually and independently to verify the water benefits and number of Water Benefit Certificates to be issued.


By using Water Benefit Certificates you will:

  • Meet your commitments to water stewardship through projects.
  • Demonstrate your leadership in managing environmental impact and engage stakeholders with projects.
  • Provide projects with a regular stream of revenue to support their ongoing operation and expansion.