Renewable costs are tumbling to historic lows. Sustainable energy technology is finally cost-competitive with fossil and nuclear alternatives. This attracts more investors, and numerous projects of all sizes appear at an almost daunting pace.

But the fact is that despite a technology revolution – there are thousands of robust and attractive renewable projects in Europe, still lacking financing. Often missing is a thin top-financing layer that would make the project bankable.

Realizing these renewable projects is essential if we are going to complete the European energy transition – but is also critical in the move to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

In parallel, the international business sector is rapidly experiencing an almost perplexing awakening – jointly moving down a path toward 100 % renewable use – in all operations, across all continents. Access to clean, renewable power is soon becoming an absolute demand – and an impatient business sector is creating pressure on both local policy makers and traditional energy providers.

So, while a fast-growing number of international companies are moving to purchase renewable power, tracked and documented according to international standards like Guarantees of Origin (GO), REC and I-REC, many also are looking for ways to contribute actively in producing more clean power.

ECOHZ is now matching business needs to contribute to more renewable power with project developers’ need for top-financing.

Specifically, ECOHZ use GO revenue from renewable purchases to top-finance selected solar, wind, bio or hydro projects – thus bringing these projects to completion, and allowing new renewable power to reach the European grid – sooner.

The solution is named GO2. While being based on the GO system, it serves many purposes. The GO2 concept includes a loan model, that allows for “rolling the loans” as soon as construction period is over – and consequently the money can again be put to use in the next “needy” project. Often within 2-3 years.

A single decision today – will likely result in 3-5 additional renewable power plants to be built before 2030.

GO2 is more than an idea – it’s a proven concept. The first two power plants – top-financed with GO2 – are finished, and set to deliver new green power.