Shop till you drop?

“Shop till you drop” has been a long used mantra for the hip, fast moving urban creatures of the Western world. Shopping has become the favorite pastime of millions, the symbol of success, and the actual essence of living. How sad.

Shopping has become a modern religion where Armani, Prada, and Louis Vuitton have become our new gods and shopping centers our places of worship.

How stupid.

“Shop till you drop” may soon be taking on a somewhat more somber and bleak meaning, as Mother Earth is the one in danger “of dropping”, not just you and me.

How irrational.

Listening to our economic experts, consumer spending (read: shopping) is the one key indicator of national “health condition”. The higher spending – the better health!

How strange.

In our material world, how many things do we really need? What really makes us happy? Why do we do it, knowing that resources to make ever more products are limited?

How destructive.

3 years ago I proposed to my wife and 2 young teenagers – a 1 year period of STOP SHOP. “A what, and why”, was the immediate answer. With 3 skeptical spectators I ventured into a world of “not shopping and not dropping”. I saved money. I saved time. And I purchased cool experiences instead of a shirt “number 27”. Was I less happy? Not much.

How easy.

Almost as important as shopping less, is shopping smart. Buying sustainable products, with a known origin is easy. Making producers change their behavior is possible. Active shoppers forced a change in the use of destructive palm oil.

How cool.

To shop less. To shop smarter. To use things longer. To give away when not needed. A collective move to “not shop till we drop” can make serious impact on the spiraling CO2 emissions.  And a direct contribution to curbing climate change.

How inspiring.