Busy times – a month in the life of ECOHZ

Possibly you are like me, you think that in 2-3 months your schedule will be less dense and you will have several calm weeks in a row to “produce” in the office.

Three months ago, with my colleagues I thought that our October would be like that. While I believe we have found the time to “produce” and serve our customers and other stakeholders, the past weeks have been anything but sedentary and calm.

This morning, arriving from New York, I squat the lounge of my favourite Schiphol hotel before a series of interesting meetings in and around Amsterdam to finish off the week.

The first week of October ECOHZ was present with a speaking position at Corporates vs Climate Change (CvCC) in Brussels. This was CvCC’s first European conference with an impressive line-up of cross-European speakers from the corporate renewable energy space (Carlsberg, Philips Lighting, SAP, Siemens, Boots-Walgreens, ….)  sharing their challenges and successes. For us it was the opportunity to share the latest up-date on the two new power plants going on-line this quarter thanks to top-financing from our GO2 product.  The presence of some of our ambitious RE100 customers also allowed us to reconnect with them as well as making new acquaintances looking to further their RE agenda. Thanks to CvCC and Jason Youner for a well planned and executed event.

Videofilm by Pixelis and Companies vs. Climate Change

The following week ECOHZ was back in Brussels at the RE-Source 2017 conference. Solar Power Europe and Wind Europe in collaboration with RE100 gathered several hundred RE purchasers and sellers for an event that turned out to be one of this year’s major RE venues. The participants gained insights from EU officials, corporates like Google, Ikea, Microsoft and the always entertaining and informative Michael Liebreich of Bloomberg REF. PPA themes were abundant on the programme while the discussions among the participants covered all aspects of the renewables markets.

While some of us headed to Brussels that week, ECOHZ was also on stage in Reykjavik for CHARGE Energy Branding Conference. Tom Lindberg had two presentations – the first with the title: “From small and invisible, to position as global thought leader – the journey!” He talked about ECOHZ and the 5-year journey of a small and local “renewables company”, with an ambition to create a robust and clear market position as a leading global provider. A clear branding and media strategy has lifted ECOHZ to a position, normally enjoyed by larger companies. In the energy world – as in most other industries – customers demand to know how and where products are produced. In exploring how to fulfill our vision of changing energy behavior, we have been true to our slogan Origin Matters. Tom described the tools and choices made to achieve our current position as a “Thought Leader”.


Heading into the next week we barely had time to re-pack our bags and head to New York for the Renewable Energy Markets – REM2017 conference, the annual meeting place for the North American renewables consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders. As usual CRS had attracted a mix of governmental, corporate and NGO representatives sharing their insights. ECOHZ was on stage informing our US colleagues and customers about the latest policy developments in Europe. The REM conferences are always very intense and packed with informative content. And as this is America, conversations start with breakfast meetings at 7 am and go on until the late hours.

I hope the up-coming weekend will provide some necessary rest before we attack a new month with new activities and new engagements. And for my sake, I am happy to see that in fact I will have the luxury of some “production” time this month to care for my customers and to follow up new conversations started these past weeks.

Wishing you all a productive November.