There is little doubt that the world will need more renewable energy in the future. This challenge cannot be met without active involvement of the companies that consume electricity. ECOHZ has solutions that help companies act responsibly and reduce their carbon footprint, while contributing to renewable energy development in a simple and effective way.

ECOHZ GO² customer benefits

  1. Document emissions reduction
  2. Contribute to developing new, renewable energy
  3. Show thought leadership through the positive impact of your company
  4. Customize a flexible renewable energy solution to suit your company’s needs

ECOHZ GO² enables customers to track their renewable electricity consumption and contribute towards building new, renewable power plants. With GO² businesses contribute top financing to named renewable projects.

ECOHZ GO² consists of the following elements

  • Renewable energy documented with Guarantees of Origin
  • A financial contribution to the top financing of the power project
  • Documentation of the power project development and construction
  • Possibility to arrange PPA with the new power plant (subject to agreement with project owner)
  • The right to purchase GO from the new power plant 

ECOHZ is building a portfolio of renewable power projects across Europe that are currently lacking top financing. Link to Call for Projects.

Produce as much as you use and be Energy Positive!

The new power plant will, over its lifetime, produce more renewable electricity than your annual consumption. In short, you will produce more new renewable electricity than you consume. 

The ECOHZ GO² concept is actively endorsed by CDP and the GHG community at large.

Link to ECOHZ GO² brochure 

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